Rwanda – hours of silence (1)

r2When we reached the Rwandan border we were disappointed as Walti  was returned by the Rwandan border Immigration as he needed to have applied for his visa online. We pleaded with them as this was the first time that the team would be split. Walti took the fastest bus back to Bujumbura while we headed to Butare (about 150 km before Kigali)

We visited Murambi Memorial Site in  Gikongoro. On the 7th April 1994 thousands of Tutsi were massacred by the Interamwe Militia. The Tutsi fled to the Technical school which was under construction at the time believing that they would find refuge there. The Govt. and Local authorities guaranteed the Tutsi safety if they went there. The genocide was well coordinated and orchestrated and the Tutsi had no chance as they were attacked early morning with  machetes, guns and grenades while the Tutsi only had stones to defend themselves. The school is also built on a smaller hill compared to the surrounding hills which are higher. This gave the Interamwe a better vantage point to carry out their assault.

We are sad and  silent for a long time after we leave the memorial site.

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