Rwanda – hours of silence (2)

r1The next day we visited Nyamata and Ntarama Memorial Sites where fleeing Tutsi were looking for a sanctuary in 1994. They run to the churches that are located there believing that the Hutus would never attack them in a sacred place. The Hutus didn’t care and massacred thousands of the Tutsi.

When you visit Rwanda it’s hard to believe that 19 years ago the genocide took place. Rwanda is a country that is well organised in-terms of the infrastructure and development. Its probably the cleanest country in Africa. It is also considered one of the safest. There is no longer Tutsi, Hutu or Twa tribe only Rwandan. Every fourth saturday of the month the Rwandan people including President Paul Kagame observe the ‘Umuganda’ which means participating in the nation building. This would entail cleaning the roads, schools, rivers, forests or participating in any other activity that brings unity among the community.

We are happy that we are leaving Rwanda having learnt a little more about the land of a thousand hills.

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One Response to Rwanda – hours of silence (2)

  1. Gertrud Dalkowski says:

    Hallo, ich hoffe dass so etwas wie in Ruanda nie wieder passiert. Seid ihr inzwischen wieder zusammen?
    Ich bin in Ol Moran und froh, dass ich nach drei Tagen ohne Strom meinen Laptop wieder aufladen konnte. Es hat hier ziemlich viel geregnet und ist kalt. Ich dachte ich komme ins warme Kenya, hahaha …. Aber wenn die Sonne rauskommt, weiss man sofort wo man ist.
    Wann erreicht ihr Kenya?
    Alles Gute für euch weiterhin, eine tolle Leistung was ihr bisher geschafft habt.
    Viele Grüße

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