Johann and the bank

s1We arrived in Kayonza which is a small town in western Rwanda. Out of the blues we were stopped by Johann Bosco (on the left) who was excited about what we were doing and wanted to pay it forward by helping us.

He made a few calls to a friend of his who runs a hotel in town. After a few minutes of talking to us he says that he has good news and that we can stay at the hotel of his friend. It seems that he has the Midas touch and we are happy to have met him. We immediately take a shower to relax our muscles as we have been cycling in this land of a thousand hills for the past week.

The next call that Johann made was to his good friend the bank manager of KCB, Kayonza branch, Mr. Alexis (on the right) and he has the feeling that KCB can make the difference to our project. We discussed with Mr. Alexis and we have the feeling that our two organisations have a good chance of working closely in the near future.

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