grenzerfahrungen II – Expedition 2013

Geert Schroeder, organiser
Geert SchroederI am responsible for most of the fundraising-events during the ‘pre-tour’ across Germany: public- and school presentations, meetings with politicians and the media. I also feel responsible for the donors and partners. The approach of ‘helping by cycling’ is a very effective one: Within the last four years I have become a bike-enthusiast! Action and satisfaction! For me it is a privilege to help the needy, especially the children. I can’t express in words how I feel when I can help to protect vulnerable children from the streets. Eventually you feel as if these kids are your own kids. A wonderful experience!

Toto Chipeta, partner ‘crossing-borders II’
Toto ChipetaI am looking forward to cycling on this expedition across my continent. No matter how beautiful Africa is, how fascinating the African people are, the shadow of HIV/AIDS is there, too. A countless number of orphans strive around, traumatised, without a perspective. So I am happy that our tour will be like ‘a candle in the dark’ for some of the Kenyan orphans – the Malaika-Home doesn’t give just shelter, it also gives children hope.
I will also join the ‘pre-tour’ across Germany. I am looking forward to meeting the German school-kids. I – as an African – want to explain to them what is happening in my continent. And I want to convince the children that it makes sense to help the needy agemates – even in overseas. And that it makes fun, too!

Jürgen Walti, partner ‘crossing-borders II’
Jürgen WaltiSince 2005 I help Geert in organising Malaika-Events in Germany. In 2007, we organised the first charity-bicycle-tour, a relatively short one in comparison to the ‘crossing-borders-expeditions’, but anyway: we cycled 1,400 kilometres across Germany and raised 3,500 Euros. A big success in the early days of Malaika. The tour was a preparation for Geert’s crossing-borders-expedition I’ in 2009. Now, I will support Geert in organising the events during the ‘pre-Tour’ in 2013. On the crossing-borders-expeditions II itself I will be responsible for our website. And I will be the bicycle-mechanic on the road!

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grenzerfahrungen I – Expedition 2009

Immanuel Schulz, partner ‘crossing-borders I’
Immanuel SchulzI was very happy to join the crossing borders expedition I for the good purpose. My knowledge of photography was very helpful, because now, after the tour, we still organise public- and school-presentations. We show the best pictures and talk about the most exciting and most moving experiences on the tour. Very often, people are willing to donate afterwards for Malaika, which makes me always happy.